Sap SD Training Institute In Marathahalli

Sap SD Training Institute In Marathahalli

What is Sap Sd?

SAP SD is one of the key components of SAP ERP system and is used to manage shipping, billing, selling and transportation of products and services in an organization. SAP SD Training Institute in Marathahalli have a great course plan, which will help you to update their sales price, and observe open orders and other forecast.

SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) is one of the worth noting modules of SAP ERP. It encloses all the Information regarding customer and services. This module is tightly integrated with other SAP MM & SAP PP. It is one of the fundamental modules of SAP ERP and is Implemented in most SAP projects.

SAP Sales & Distribution (SD) is one of the prominent modules of SAP R/3 Services which comprises of several constituents called sub-modules. These include:

  • SAP-SD-MD (Master Data)
  • SAP-SD-BF (Basic Functions)
  • SAP-SD-SLS (Sales)
  • SAP-SD-SHP (Shipping)
  • SAP-SD-TBA (Transportation)
  • SAP-SD-FTT (Foreign Trade)
  • SAP-SD-BIL (Billing)
  • SAP-SD-CAS (Sales Support)

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Sap SD Training Institute in Marathahalli Course Curriculum

    • Customer Master Data
    • Material Master Data
    • Customer Material Info Record
    • Condition Master Data
    • Working with Sales Documents
    • Sales Document Structure
    • Sales Document Types
    • Item Categories
    • Schedule Line Categories
    • Customer Complaints
    • Credit Memo Request
    • Debit Memo Request
    • Invoice Correction Request
    • Returns
  • Revenue Account Determination
  • Credit Management
  • Availability Check & Transfer of Requirement
  • Scheduling Agreements
  • Contracts


      • Cash Sales
      • Rush order
      • Free of Charge Delivery
      • Single Level Packing
      • Multi-Level Packing
      • Returnable Packing
      • Crss selling
      • Third Party order Processing
      • Consignment Sales
      • Intercompany Sales
      • O Determination
      • Text Determination
      • Sales Information System

Frequently Asked Questions

SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) is a module of SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). This module helps the company to plan, manage, and control its sales, procurement, storage, and distribution processes. SAP SD course is most useful for business owners and managers. This course helps you to plan, manage and control the distribution processes within your business. You will learn how to manage sales, procurement, and distribution in your business from a centralized place. SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) is most useful for managing the business which is involved in procurement and distribution.

There is no fixed duration for the sap sd course. Duration for sap sd course depends on various factors. These factors are the nature of job, you want to get into, your schedule, and your IT background. Anyway, if you are planning to take up this course, then you should expect it to take at least 6 months. More than that, it is not at all necessary.

Your SAP Training Mentor will transfer you to a certification exam. You need to take this exam for you to get your SAP SD certification. This exam is taken online at an SAP Training location.

SAP SD stands for Sales and Distribution. It is an application in the SAP ERP system for a company’s sales and distribution operations. These are integrated with the back end system and are used for a company’s logistics and supply chain management. The software makes it easier for companies to manage the following aspects of their business:

SAP SD is a module of SAP for managing and controlling of the supply chain. It was formerly known as SAP Logistics. SAP has SD versions for manufacturing, retail, distribution, transportation, wholesale and served markets and for goods, services and assets. SAP offers the SD component with two main tools: the SD Transaction Processing system, which is the main tool for transport and logistics, and the SD Planning system, which can be used to plan and schedule freight flows.

No, Not at all. It is 100% visual tool used by Data Integration Development and Data Quality. It is used for Development Operation and Quality. You can use it to integrate data from various different systems and also you can apply it to maintain a database. It is used as a database management system and it is integrated into the overall system. Its a great platform to develop a database. Hope this helps. Thanks

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