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About Sap S4 Hana

SAP S4 HANA is a business suite that runs on the HANA in-memory database. It is the successor to SAP Business Suite, and is designed to provide real-time insights and simplification of business processes. The key features of SAP S4 HANA include embedded analytics, in-memory computing, and data-driven decision making.

Why Join Us ?

There are many reasons why you should get enrolled in Sap Training Marathahalli for sap s4 Hana course. The sap s4 Hana course is designed to help you become a successful sap consultant. We also cover all the aspects of the sap Hana software and provides you with the skills and knowledge necessary to be a successful sap consultant. In addition, the sap s4 Hana course also covers the new features of the sap Hana software.

SAP S4 Hana is a powerful, next-generation business suite designed to help companies run simple in a digital and connected world. It provides a personalized, intelligent user experience and enables companies to run faster and more simply. Join us for our SAP S4 Hana course to learn how to take advantage of this cutting-edge business suite.

  • Creating Company
  • Creating Company Code
  • Assigning Company Code to Company
  • Define Segments
  • Define Settings for Ledgers and Currency Types
  • Assign Fiscal Year Variant to Company code
  • Creating Posting Period Variant
  • Assign PPV to Company Code
  • Maintain PPV
  • Check Ledger Settings
  • Define Field Status Variant
  • Assign Company Code to FSV
  • Changing Field Status Group
  • Changing Number Range to 01 for Doc type  SA
  • Creating Number Range 01
  • Define Tolerance Groups for G/L Accounts
  • Define Tolerance Groups for Employees
  • Assign Users to Tolerance Groups
  • Assign Tax Procedure to Country IN
  • Enter Global Parameters
  • Creating Chart of Accounts
  • Assigning Company Code to Chart of Accounts
  • Define Account Group
  • Define Retained Earnings Account
    • Check Exchange Rate types
    • Define Translation Ratios for Currency Translation
    • Define Currency Types 
    • Global Currency Conversion Settings
    • Currency Conversion Settings for Company Codes
    • Include currency Type in Ledger
  • Settings

    • Define Accounting Principles
    • Define Settings for Ledgers &Currency Types

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    • Define Ledger Group:

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    • Define Document Types   in a Ledger:
    • Define Document Types  in a Ledger:
    • Define Document Number Ranges :-
    • Execute Consistency Check of Generate Ledger Settings
    • Displaying all active ledgers in a company code

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