Sap Abap Hana Training In Marathahalli

Sap Abap Hana Training Institute In Marathahalli

SAP ABAP HANA is a software development kit that enables developers to create applications that take advantage of the in-memory computing capabilities of the SAP HANA platform. ABAP HANA provides a number of features and tools that make it easier to develop applications that can take advantage of the high-performance, in-memory computing capabilities of SAP HANA.

SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is a fourth-generation programming language used for developing software in the SAP environment. ABAP is similar to COBOL and other procedural programming languages. It is a subset of the ABAP programming language and has been optimized for use with the SAP HANA database.

ABAP is used to develop the majority of SAP applications. These applications are used by businesses to manage their finance, logistics, and human resources. 

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Sap Hana Abap Course Curriculum

  • Introductions to SAP HANA
  • Introduction to ABAP for HANA
  • SAP HANA ADT Installation on HANA Studio
  • Overview of HANA studio
  • Overview of ABAP development environment in eclipse
  • Adding system in HANA studio
  • Creating package in HANA Studio
  • Setup environment in eclipse for ABAP development
  • ABAP perspective in SAP HANA
  • Evolution and architecture
  • Overview for ABAP meets HANA
  • Code to data paradigm
  • Coding guide line for ABAP On HANA
  •  Performance Impact
  •  SQL Foot Prints in your productive system
  • Performance Analysis
    – ALV For HANA and Other improvement
  • Open SQL Enhancement
  • Introduction to advance view building in ABAP for HANA
  • Core data service
  • SAP HANA Usage in ABAP
  • ABAP managed database procedure
  •  ALV with integrated data access on SAP HANA
  • Core data service with input parameter

SAP S4 HANA Course Content 

SAP S4 HANA Finance Training Course Content – S4 HANA Finance

  • Introducing SAP HANA
  • Introducing SAP S4 HANA Finance
  • Row Store VS Column Store
  • Analytics View
  • Calculation View
  • Technical Overview of the Implementation Prerequisites
  • The architecture of S4 HANA Finance
  • Non-disruptive approach Analyzing
  • Universal Journal-ACDOCA
  • Overview of Reporting Options
  • Introducing FIORI
  • Ledgers and Currency Settings
  • New GL
  • Subsequent Implementation of Additional ledgers
  • Parallel Accounting
  • Parallel Valuation
  • Document Splitting Configuration & Testing
  • GL Master Data & Cost Elements in SAP HANA ( On-Premise & FIORI )
  • Document Posting & Analysis using FIORI
  • FICO Integration
  • Business Partner Introduction
  • Business Partner Approach
  • System Demo- BP Creation & Configuration
  • Customer Vendor Integration ( CVI)
  • Overview of New Asset Accounting and Activation
  • Posting Logic in New Asset Accounting
  • Posting Integrated Asset Acquisitions through Finance & Logistics
  • Asset Under Construction with Accounting Principle
  • Retirement of Asset
  • Scrapping of Asset
  • New Depreciation Calculations and Simplifications with the new program and new Table

SAP Management Accounting Powered by SAP HANA

  • Management Accounting Business Process
  • Cost Center Master Data –On-premise and FIORI
  • SKF- On premise and FIORI
  • Activity Type- On-premise and FIORI
  • Primary & Secondary Posting
  • Cost center- Month End Allocations
  • Internal Order Master Data- On-premise and FIORI
  • Periodic Debit posting
  • Periodic Credit Posting
  • Settlement
  • Explaining Product Cost Planning
  • Costing Items
  • Costing Sheet
  • Integrated Material Master Records and Product Cost Planning
  • Create Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure
  • Costing Variant
  • Cost Component Structure
  • Applying Overhead Costs to Product
  • Update Material Master (Marking & Release Procedure)
  • Production Order
  • Month End Closing Activities with WIP result
  • Settlement
  • Month End Closing Activities with Variance results
  • Overhead Calculation
  • WIP Calculation
  • Variance Calculation
  • Overview Material Ledger/Actual Costing
  • Multiple Currencies and Valuations
  • Material Price Analysis
  • Single/Multi-Level
  • Actual Costing-Costing Runs and Results
  • Settlement of Production Variance with ML
  • Profit center Master Data
  • Assigning Profit Center to Account Assigning Object
  • Profit Center Update
  • Data Flow in Financial Accounting
  • Integration Profit Center in Material Management
  • Integrating Sales & Distribution (SD & PCA)
  • Overview of Profitability Analysis
  • Account-Based COPA VS Costing Based COPA
  • Profitability Analysis VS Profit Center Accounting
  • Operating Concern
  • Data Structure
  • Valuation with Product Costing
  • Evaluating with Costing sheet
  • The flow of Actual Data
  • Integration with Sales Order Management
  • Processing Cost Allocations
  • Processing Internal Orders
  • Direct Posting from FI
  • Settlement of Production Variance with COPA
  • Predictive Accounting
  • Credit Management
  • Collection Management
  • Dispute Management
  • Bank Account Management
  • check Deposit
  • Electronic Bank Statement-EBS
  • Bank Communication Management
  • Overview Central Finance
  • SAP Central Finance Landscape Architecture
  • Basic Setup and Configuration
  • Initial Load and Real-Time Replication
  • Error Handling

S4 HANA Finance Migration Process

  • Check Functional Scope and Restrictions
  • Feasibility Checklist
  • Maintenance Planner and Pre-checks
  • Pre-check for Migration to New Asset Accounting
  • Activate Business Functions
  • Activate New Depreciation Calculation
  • Consistency check before Activation of SAP S/4 HANA Finance
  • Execute Business Reconciliation
  • Installation and Migration for General Ledger
  • Preparation and Migration for Controlling
  • Preparation and Migration for House Bank Accounts
  • Data Migration
  • Post Migration Activities
  • Post Migration Testing


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