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Now a days Marathahalli has become a hub for SAP training in Bangalore, there is a great need for quality SAP SD Training in Marathahalli. SAP Training Marathahalli offers SAP Training by experienced industry professionals having minimum 7 years of experience. SAP Training Marathahalli also known to be best SAP SD Training Institute in Marathahalli, provide placement assistance in top MNC Companies in Bangalore.
SAP Training Marathahalli is the leading SAP SD Training Institute in Marathahalli has long back established itself as the pioneer in giving real-time SAP SD training in Marathahalli.

SAP SD is one of the key components of SAP ERP system and is used to manage shipping, billing, selling and transportation of products and services in an organization. SAP SD Training Institute in Marathahalli have a great course plan, which will help you to update their sales price, and observe open orders and other forecast.

SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) is one of the worth noting modules of SAP ERP. It encloses all the Information regarding customer and services. This module is tightly integrated with other SAP MM & SAP PP. It is one of the fundamental modules of SAP ERP and is Implemented in most SAP projects.
SAP Sales & Distribution (SD) is one of the prominent modules of SAP R/3 Services which comprises of several constituents called sub-modules. These include:

  • SAP-SD-MD (Master Data)
  • SAP-SD-BF (Basic Functions)
  • SAP-SD-SLS (Sales)
  • SAP-SD-SHP (Shipping)
  • SAP-SD-TBA (Transportation)
  • SAP-SD-FTT (Foreign Trade)
  • SAP-SD-BIL (Billing)
  • SAP-SD-CAS (Sales Support)

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Introduction to SAP

1. Enterprise Structure

2. Master Data

  • Customer Master Data
  • Material Master Data
  • Customer Material Info Record
  • Condition Master Data
  • Working with Sales Documents
  • Sales Document Structure
  • Sales Document Types
  • Item Categories
  • Schedule Line Categories
  • Customer Complaints

3. Sales Document Processing

  • Credit Memo Request
  • Debit Memo Request
  • Invoice Correction Request
  • Returns

4. Pricing

5. Free Goods Determination

6. Material Determination

7. Material Listing and Exclusion

8. Bills of Material (BoM)

9. Integration with FICo

  • Revenue Account Determination
  • Credit Management
  • Availability Check & Transfer of Requirement
  • Scheduling Agreements
  • Contracts

10. Integration with MM

11. outline Agreements

  • Quantity Contract
  • Value Contract
  • Service Contract
  • Master Contract

12. Special Sales orders

  • Cash Sales
  • Rush order
  • Free of Charge Delivery
  • Single Level Packing
  • Multi-Level Packing
  • Returnable Packing
  • Crss selling
  • Third Party order Processing
  • Consignment Sales
  • Intercompany Sales
  • O Determination
  • Text Determination
  • Sales Information System

13. Shipping

14. Shipment and Transportation

15. Packing

16. Billing

17. Copying Controls

18. Incompletion Procedure

19. Special Sales Processes

20. Other Basic Functions

21. Batch Management

22. Rebate Processing

23. Stock Transport Order

24. Item Proposal

25. Dynamic Product Proposal

26. Logistics Information System

27. Route Determination

28. Variant Configuration

29. CIN (Country Version India)

30. Backorder Processing

31. Sales Deal and Sales Promotion


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I got certified in SAP FICO module. To start with the facilities and management of SAP Training Marathahalli is a good place to practice as well as study the subject. The tutor appointed for our batch of three students was well trained and experienced in SAP, within a span of 20 days he had the right teaching methods to deliver us the skills in SAP.
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I have joined SAP MM batch. They are good trainer and learnt a lot from them. SAP Training Marathahalli is good for someone looking for career in SAP. Very nice institute. Staff and trainers are very helpful. I also get free counseling and demo class.
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Best Institute for SAP ABAP. Sir explained each and every topic in depth. Every student can easily understand. Lab facility also very good.
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I joined for SAP SD Course at SAP Training Marathahalli. Course fee is very cost effective here. This is top training institute at Marathahalli. Trainer is expert in lightning and integration topics. He gave excellent support for SAP certifications. SAP SD Course material is really good
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I have done my SAP HR AND SAP WM Course in SAP Training Marathahalli, Bangalore. This is very good training institute in Marathahalli. This is great place to learn SAP latest modules. I had great experience in SAP Training Marathahalli with regular class and providing great knowledge on SAP.